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Eclipse Plugin

Basic functions of wwnavi are available in your Eclipse (and other Eclipse-based applications) with wwnavi plugin installed by the dialog in
[Tool] -> [Eclipse Plugin].

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You can share the rules with other UIs (Standalone, Visual Studio addin, and Command UI), too.

Select the operation either "Install" (to Eclipse) or "Remove" (from Eclipse).

[Specify the Eclipse directory]
Specify the Eclipse home directory (parent of Eclipse executable).

[Specify the Eclipse executable]
Specify the Eclipse executable name ('eclipse.exe' by default, if you use other applications, type its name like 'aptana.exe', etc.).

Execute the installation or removing process described below.
[Remove old plugin (delete wwnavi directory from ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins).] 
[Launch Eclipse to notify wwnavi uninstallation.]
[Confirm and close the window.] (*1)
(If [Install] is selected, the following get executed.)
[Install new plugin (copy wwnavi directory to ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins).]
[Launch Eclipse to notify wwnavi installation.]
[Start using wwnavi plugin.] (*2)
*1)Unless the window get closed, wwnavi GUI won't be available.

*2)wwnavi GUI is available even if the window is not closed.


Supported versions are Eclipse 3.0 or later.

Help Reference

This help contents can be referred in your Eclipse from
[Help] -> [About Eclipse SDK] -> [Plug-in Details]
-> [Select wwnavi plugin] -> [Click More Info].

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