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Check Multilingual Launching

After you internationalize and localize the software, you need to test it in multilingual environment.
The simple process is to change the [Regional and Language Options] in Windows, and set the environment variable $LANG and $LC_ALL in Mac OS and Linux to launch the application.
World Wide Navi makes this process automatic and reduces manual operation.

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This operation is available in [L10N] -> [Check Multilingual Launching], [Check Multilingual Launching Icon In Toolbar], or
[Right Click In Source Directory] -> [L10N] -> [Check Multilingual Launching].

[Target Application]
Specify the executable path or command line to launch.
'...MyMFC\Debug\MyMFC.exe' (Visual Studio MFC application)
'...WinApp\bin\Debug\WindowApplication1.exe' (Visual Studio .NET application)
'...MyJava/bin/MyJava.jar' (Executable jar file)
'gedit' (Linux GUI text editor command)
... and others
Specify the [Arguments] if needed (e.g. file name and others).

[Target Languages]
Select the languages in which you want to launch the application by clicking [>].
Launching order of the languages can be changed by clicking [Move Up] and [Move Down].
You can remove the language from the selected ones by clicking [Remove].

In Windows, change the lanugage in [Regional Options] tab of [Regional and Language Options] to each selected language and launch the target application. After all launching finished, the changed value gets back to the original.
In Mac OS and Linux, set the environment variable $LANG and $LC_ALL each selected language in a shell and launch the target application from it. This doesn't change OS settings at all.


All applications cannot be tested by this function.
Some of internationalized applications don't become aware of these changes.

Supported applications are:
* Java applications
* MFC/Win32 applications using the function 'GetUserDefaultLCID' or other family functions
* .NET applications
* Visual Basic 6.0 applications
* Mac OS or Linux applications which can be affected by the variable 'LANG' or 'LC_ALL'
...and others.

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