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Check Multilingual Web Access

After you internationalize and localize the web application, you need to test it in multilingual environment.
The simple process is to change the web browser language settings, and access the web application.
World Wide Navi makes this process automatic and reduces manual operation.

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This operation is available in [L10N] -> [Check Multilingual Web Access], [Check Multilingual Web Access Icon In Toolbar].

[Target URL]
Specify the URL of target web application.
'http://localhost:8080/YOUR_CONTEXT_NAME/' (Tomcat servlet)
'http://localhost:1491' (Visual Studio ASP .NET)
'http://localhost(:80)' (Apache web pages)
... and others

[Target Languages]
Select the languages to which you want to set browser language by clicking [>].
Setting order of the languages can be changed by clicking [Move Up] and [Move Down].
You can remove the language from the selected ones by clicking [Remove].

[Target Browser]
Select the browser type you use from Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Specify the browser application path or command of the selected type.

If you selected Internet Explorer, change the settings of [Tools] -> [Internet Options] -> [Languages] to each selected language and launch Internet Explorer accessing the target url.
If you selected Firefox, change the settings of [Content] -> [Languages] to each selected language and launch Firefox accessing the target url.

After all launching finished, the changed value gets back to the original.


Supported browser versions are:
* Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (in Windows only)
* Firefox 3.0 or later (in Windows/Linux)

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