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This document describes World Wide Navi usages.


World Wide Navi (abbreviation: wwnavi) is a software internationalization (I18N) tool to support writing, checking, and testing your source codes, which can be called 'total support tool'.

World Wide Navi provides many functions such as source code analysis, automatic source code modification, analysis rule editing, collaboration with traslation tools, platform language switching, and others.

World Wide Navi supports 4 UI (Standalone, Eclipse Plugin,Visual Studio Addin, and Command UI), multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), and basic programming languages (C/C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, JSP, ASP, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, and more).

After making your software internationalized, you can start up its localization (L10N).

Basic Operations

Basic operations of World Wide Navi are as follows.

1. With Standalone GUI
[Import Sources] -> [Analyze Sources] -> [Tune Rules] -> [Modify Sources Automatically/Manually]
-> [Export Sources]

2. With Eclipse Plugin
[Create Sources] -> [Analyze Sources] -> [Tune Rules] -> [Modify Sources Automatically/Manually]

3. With Visual Studio Addin
[Create Sources] -> [Analyze Sources] -> [Tune Rules] -> [Modify Sources Automatically/Manually]
4. With Command UI
[Analyze Sources] ->  [Output Reports]

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