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Visual Studio Addin

Basic functions of wwnavi are available in your Visual Studio with wwnavi addin installed by the dialog of the menu
[Tool] -> [Visual Studio Addin].
(This menu is available in Windows only.)

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You can share the rules with other UIs (Standalone, Eclipse Plugin, and Command UI), too.

For the details about Visual Studio Addin functions, refer to Supported Functions.

[Check the Visual Studio versions to install wwnavi]
Check the versions to intall wwnavi addin and specify the addin directories.
For VC++ (Visual C++) 6.0
Specify the directory to copy wwnavi addin dlls.
For VB (Visual Basic) 6.0
Only checking is enough, no need to specify the directory.
For 2005 or later
Specify the directory to copy wwnavi addin file (.Addin).

Addin directories are defined by the Visual Studio preferences.
For details, refer to MSDN, Visual Studio help, or other contents.

Execute the installtion process of each checked version.
VC++ 6.0
Copy wwnavi addin dlls to the specified directory with the generated ini file.
VB 6.0
Register the wwnavi addin dll with the command 'regsvr32'.
2005 or later
Create and copy the wwnavi addin file to the specified directories.

After this operation, in the next time you launch each Visual Studio, it will show wwnavi addin in menu and others.
(In the case of VC++ 6.0, it will show after checking wwnavi addin in the menu [Tools] -> [Customize] -> [Add-ins and Macro Files].)


VC++ 6.0
After unchecking wwnavi addin in the menu above and closing Visual Studio, delete the all files and directories with 'wwnavi' in their names in the addin directory.
VB 6.0
After closing Visual Studio, delete the wwnavi dll registration on DOS prompt as follows.
'regsvr32 -u "YOUR_WWNAVI_INSTALL_DIRECTORY\addins\vb6.0\wwnavi_addin.dll"'
2005 or later
you can uninstall wwnavi addin from Visual Studio by the menu, [Tool] -> [World Wide Navi] -> [Remove].

*Before installing new wwnavi addin, please remember to uninstall old ones and restart Visual Studio.

Help Reference

This help contents can be referred in your Visual Studio from
[Tool] -> [World Wide Navi] -> [Help].

Supported Functions

wwnavi addin supports main functions of standalone GUI and Eclipse plugin, but not all.
The matrix of functions and Visual Studio versions are listed below.
(*These are current status, possible to be changed to wider support.)

World Wide Navi Visual Studio Addin Function Matrix
FunctionVisual Studio Version
VC++ 6.0  VB 6.0    2005/later
Source Code Analysis
String Externalization
Declaration and Function Replacementxx
Rule Tuning
Comment Insertion for Skipping (Line)xxx
Comment Insertion for Skipping (Block)xxx
File Skip Setting
String Restorementxxx
Source Code Restorementxx
Internationalization Programming Index
Translation By Sisulizerxx
Multilingual Launchingxx
Multilingual Web Accessxx
   Help Indexxx

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