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Replace Declarations and Functions

Analyze source codes and replace error declarations and functions with alternatives automatically.
This operation is available in [I18N] -> [Replace Declarations and Functions], [Replace Declarations and Functions Icon In Toolbar],
[Right Click In Source Directory] -> [I18N] -> [Replace Declarations and Functions], or
[Right Click On Editors] -> [I18N] -> [Replace Declarations and Functions].

The basic process of this function is following.
[Analyze Sources] -> [Detect error declarations and functions] 
-> [Replace the keywords of declarations and functions with alternatives] -> [Analyze Again]

About the same items as analysis, refer to Source Code Analysis.
About the same items as string externalization, refer to String Externalization.

Target declarations are registered in Declaration Rules with [Mark this type deprecated] checked and with some [Alternatives].
Target functions are registered in Function Call Rules with [Mark this function deprecated] checked and with some [Alternatives].
(*Even if they are registered as deprecated, they won't be replaced without alternatives.)

If the alternatives are more than one, the first one (before the first separator, ",") will be used.

*CAUTION: This fucntion is a simple text replacement.
Any other structure such as variables, parameters, and class members won't be changed automatically.

To complete replacement, manual modification is necessary in some cases.
The following are the examples of automatic replacement.
1. char* c = "Hello"; printf("%s", c); -> wchar_t* c = "Hello"; printf("%s", c);
   Related codes never be changed automatically. ("%s" -> L"%ls" .etc)

2. dt.ToLongDateString(); -> dt.ToString(); 
   Missing parameters never be added automatically. (ToString() -> ToString("D") .etc)
The modified source codes by this function can be restored by Source Code Restorement if you checked [Create buckup files].

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