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Set File Skipping

Some directories or files can be skipped during Source Code Analysis set by the dialog in
[I18N] -> [Set File Skipping], [Set File Skipping Icon In Toolbar],
[Right Click In Source Directory] -> [I18N] -> [Set File Skipping], or
[Right Click On Editors] -> [I18N] -> [Set File Skipping].

This is for avoiding analysis of unnecessary codes (e.g. no longer used, unrelated to internationalization, and others) by directory or files without source code comments.

This process is enabled by creating configuration files ".wwnavi-skip-dir" and ".wwnavi-skip-files".
If the analysis process find a file named ".wwnavi-skip-dir", it skip all the files under the directory where that file exists.
If the analysis process find a file named ".wwnavi-skip-files", it skip the files in the directory where that file exists and with the name listed in that file.

File Skipping Dialog creates those 2 files for the specified directories or files.

[Source Path (Directory or File)]
Selected path in the source tree to skip errors.

If checked, the path will be skipped, otherwise not skipped.

Create the configuration files described above according to the type of path (directory or file).
For the path which had been checked before but now is not checked, delete .wwnavi-skip-dir or delete its name from .wwnavi-skip-files.


The directories and files set to be skipped are shown with check marks in World Wide Navi source tree, and you can see which one is to be skipped.
If you want to check that in other IDE (Eclipse, Visual Studio), open Setting Skipping File Dialog on the top of trees in each IDE, so the directories and files to be skipped will be shown in the dialog.

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